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Welcome to the Goblin Cliffdivers web page!!! We are a new (Level 9) guild at the moment.  We enjoy raiding, pvp, and experiencing old comment.  This page is still under construction.  If you are a current member please register, and I'll approve you for access to the site.  If you are not a current member of Goblin Cliffdivers please send me your information, and we will talk to you in game.  Everyone have fun, and have great adventures within World of Warcraft.
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10-man Dragon Soul, Mar 11, 12 1:29 AM.
We had a good time this week in Dragon Soul.  People got some good loots.  Congratz to Beauty for her staff (totally jealous) that was the best loot that dropped other people got some upgrades and some off spec gear.  We however did have 3 people sign up that did not show up :(, and got no guild achievements :(.  We ended up pugging 5 people that were pretty phenomenal and we have 5 new guild friends hopefully. We went 4/8 and could have gone further, but time just wouldn't allow due to late start and having to replace a few people.  Dom did an excellent job stepping out of his comfort zone and tanking.  Super proud of everyone.  I'm going to try and put another one up for next week.  Everyone check your calendars !! Most importantly stay safe and have fun!!!

Old School Raids, Mar 5, 12 3:15 AM.
A few of us in the guild have been doing some old school Vanilla, BC, and Lich King Raids/Heroic Dungeons.  We have had a ball and gotten a bunch of achievements for the guild.  It's been alot of fun, and we're going to continue doing this.  Everyone is welcomed to attend, and anyone can start up a group to go do them at any time.  Have FUN!!
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